About Mystic Sage Art

Mystic Sage Art began as a conversation between friends in 2015 and has evolved into an Etsy shop and weekends spent at various festivals and fairs in the area. Mystic Sage Art is our love of creating art that expresses our individual styles and our love of nature and fantasy. We specialize in art that expresses femininity, mythology, mystery, fantasy and the eclectic. 

Meet Sara

Sara is the creator of all things creepy cute! She is a mixed media artist who loves to repurpose and upcycle materials into new artwork.  She enjoys painting, sewing, sculpting, and creating jewelry. She loves creating pieces on the darker side of life. 

Meet Karen

Karen loves all things fantasy! She is a graphic designer, illustrator, and mixed media artist. She enjoys painting and sculpting. She works in both traditional mediums and digitally. She creates pieces that are on the lighter side of life.