Welcome to our experience, my journey

First off, welcome to our new home on the web! As you may or may not be aware, there has been a lot of changes happening behind the scenes. Name change here, name change there, switch here switch there. All in hopes to grow Mystic Sage, not just as a store, but as an experience!

An experience! Wow. That just makes us sound like a vacation or something. But you know, when anyone places a custom order with a crafter or an artist, it is an experience. I like to call the experience I offer my clients a journey. A journey to bring the vision they have of their Divine Spirit into the physical realm. With a touch of whimsy of course! Each piece created is a unique, vibrant expression of love and an individual personal vision.

Just as with my art and the journey taken to create a piece, getting to this point has been a journey. A journey of self discovery and growth. There was a disconnect for a while. Loss of connection with myself and who I was as a person and artist. Because of that disconnect, I pushed everything aside and walked away. Just as with my art, when something doesn’t work, I walk away and let it marinate for a while, especially when I’m not feeling it.

First go at a feathered cloak
Feather cloak first sculpt
Feather cloak take 2
Second attempt at feather cloak after a few weeks











And just as with my art, I wasn’t feeling Mystic Sage. It felt like a piece was missing. That it didn’t feel true to me and my art. This was more than just a shop. It was about the experience people had when viewing my art. It was about the art itself. And just like with  my art, when the time is right, the desire to return is strong. And I step forward once again to embrace myself, my art, and everything that is Mystic Sage Art.