Mystic Sage Art Studio Tour- A peek into My Art Studio

On Instagram, I’m taking part in a Meet the Maker challenge created by Joanne Hawker, where we share behind the scenes peek into our world as we create. As an artist, we don’t typically let anyone into the creation process. I love this challenge because it allows our followers to experience our art first hand. And it just happens that the challenge aligns with my blog posts of late. Today I am bringing you on a studio tour of where the creativity happens.

When we were living with my parents, my studio was the corner of our very large bedroom. Okay, corner is an understatement. It was really half the closet, the corner, and one full wall with 2 cabinets and a shelf. Not to mention totes stored under the bed. It was definitely the space of a creative.


Primary work space

My current art studio is a bit different. I’ll be honest, A LOT different. When we first moved into our apartment I was really unsure of how I would fit all my passions into 1 little space that measured 5 foot by 4 1/2 foot. And that’s when I had to be creative with storage. My computer and business administration happens in one of 2 places. Either on my tablet on the dining room table so I can work here and there while playing with my daughter. Or on my desktop which is housed in a cabinet wardrobe that used to be my son’s closet. Most of the art making happens in the closet with storage from floor to ceiling that I had converted into my art studio. The larger pieces happen on my pretty H frame easel or on my table top easel.

Computer Wardrobe

I never used to be 100% organized. It’s actually something that I have to work at on a daily basis. But I am finding that it is actually easier for me at least, in a smaller space and everything in it’s rightful place. I’m a huge fans of labeled drawers and bins. How many times have you heard that organization is key to success? Or someone say that they have a system? I can tell you from experience. Organization in small spaces is a must! Especially when you are an artist with a small art studio.


It is not by far perfect.  But as art goes, it’s ever evolving and changing. I’ll tweak as I continue to grow as an artist.

I’m a sucker for creative organizational solutions for my studio. Do you have a creative organization tip for me? I’d love to hear it! Leave a comment below!