Finding Balance Between Raising Family and Running an Art Business

Finding balance can be tricky. I’ve been called super woman at times when it comes to being a stay at home mom, raising a family and running an art business. I call it having a system and support team in place to help with the work/life balance. Without having those systems in place will break you and your business. And you don’t have to be running your own business to benefit from having systems in place.


One system I have in place is my planner. I find I need to plan everything or it just doesn’t get done. Or worse, forgotten! I don’t plan my day down to the last second. But I do plan out the major tasks that need to be addressed daily or appointments for the day. I also make sure I have enough pages for brain dumps or the various lists that I create, whether it’s to do lists, or project lists. For me, I needed to create my perfect planner. And it’s just as simple as a dot grid journal.

I usually have my phone on me at all times. And because I also work from my computer and tablet, it’s important that these sync as well. So important tasks and appointments are also on my tech. Because there are times if I’m outside with the kids, I just don’t want to carry my paper planner. That’s just not practical.

Another system I have in place is my support system. Without those who support me and are willing to help me out with either watching the kids while I work on a pressing order or give me a chance to slip away to work on something creative for my own sanity.

Most important is listening to my own system. If I’m tired or can’t focus because of one reason or another, I’m not going to be very productive when it comes to art. If I’m stressed, I know I need to let go before I can settle down to work. Without my systems in place, or if I slack off and skip setting up my planner for the week, it throws me and my day off balance.

What are some ways you balance the different areas of your life? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below.